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Plans for the memorial. The artifact steel has yet to be integrated into the plan.
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Artist's rendering of proposed memorial
Aerial view of location.
Plans for the memorial. The artifact steel has yet to be integrated into the plan.

Residents of Attleboro including Bill and Ellen Goodchild whose daughter, Lynn was killed when American Airlines Flight 175 hit the South Tower on Sept. 11, will soon have a special way to reflect on the incidents that occurred on that September day.

The Goodchilds along with 50 other members including Attleboro Fire Department Capt. Keith Jackson (who served at Ground Zero) and The Greater Attleboro POW/MIA 9-11 Remembrance Committee Co-Chairs, John Bouchard and Ed Stanton have secured a piece of artifact steel from the World Trade Center.

Stanton received an e-mail Thursday verifying, as per his request, that a piece of World Trade Center steel would soon be coming to Attleboro.

“We were one of the first groups to have an event remembering 9-11," Bouchard said. "It was in conjunction with our POW/MIA ceremony, which is celebrated across the country on the third Saturday of September.

"When 9-11 happened we immediately incorporated remembrance of those victims into our ceremony,” Bouchard added.

Procuring the Steel

After noticing World Trade Center steel being erected as 9/11 memorials in surrounding cities and towns, Stanton on behalf of the Remembrance Committee, went online to see how to procure the steel. He then made his request to the dispensers of the certified artifact steel, the New York/ New Jersey Port Authority.

After a few weeks and no reply, Stanton enlisted the assistance of Lisa Nelson, aide to Representative James McGovern. She was able to make contact with the New York-New Jersey Port Authority and get the ball rolling.

Then after a two-month wait, Sean Carey, the legal arm of the Port Authority recognizing the POW/MIA Remembrance Committee as having legal standing, a prepared design and an appropriate location already proposed, approved the committee’s request.

“Carey could see that we, the committee were serious about this,” Stanton said. “The next step is for the dispensers to make a selection of steel best suited for our memorial."

Once that’s done, the remembrance committee will need to sign an agreement on how they will use it.

"I’m sure the agreement will set out restrictions concerning its presentation and depending on its size some sort of requirements for securing the piece at the site," Stanton added. "I understand that some of the pieces are 18 feet long.”

Bringing the Steel to the 'Boro

While the Committee got the okay for the steel, it is responsible for picking up and transporting the steel from the number 17 hanger at the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, where all the remaining steel is being stored and bring it back to Attleboro.

“The POW/MIA / 9-11 memorial design includes a mill wheel, a metaphor for the weight of our responsibility to always remember,” Stanton said. "The granite piece will be polished and engraved, 'You are not forgotten' and there will be the POW/MIA symbol as well as a sketch of the Twin Towers.”

The memorial’s proposed location is the Veterans’ Triangle at Capron Park.

The Committee has a meeting scheduled with the Capron Park commissioners and Sonny Almeida Wednesday to review the memorial proposal.

“The fund raising is still in effect," Bouchard said. We are hoping by November we will have secured all the necessary funds to complete the project in full.

“If all goes as planned, we will have a Veterans’ Day dedication.”Click to add text, images, and other content